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Direct deposit

Forget writing cheques. Pay your nanny effortlessly with direct deposit. Both you and your nanny will enjoy how easy payment becomes.


Remittances of all source deductions are submitted monthly as required on your behalf, on time and accurately.


Like to keep everything in your records? Both you and your nanny receive pay stubs and receipts each pay period.

CRA Registration

Now that you’re an employer, we ensure you’re registered as such with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

T4s & T4 summaries

We mean it when we say we handle all things payroll. We even take care of producing and filing T4s at tax time.


We’re with you right to the end. When you no longer require a nanny, we’ll complete and provide a Record of Employment (ROE).

All calculations

Sleep easy knowing that the calculation of Net and Gross pay, taxes, CPP, and EI amounts are paid correctly and on time.


Let's talk money
  • Paying your caregiver via direct deposit
  • Calculation of pay, taxes, CPP, & EI amounts
  • Producing and filing T4s at tax time
  • Record of Employment (ROE) forms
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) registration
  • Remittance of all source deductions
  • Producing pay stubs & receipts each pay period
Only $50 / month. View pricing.

Additional fees

$0 setup

Get Started with no setup fee.

$10 monthly

Optional registration & remittance of WCB/WSIB premiums.


The verdict is in!

Brian Stubbs5 stars on Google Reviews

HeartPayroll has been the perfect stress free solution for providing legal payroll services to our in home child care worker. They are always professional and prompt in addressing our concerns and needs. I highly recommend HeartPayroll if you need to hire anyone in your home for services.

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Kara Burns5 stars on Google Reviews

We’ve been using Heart Payroll for a couple of years. It’s very easy to set up and user friendly. They’re extremely prompt in their response time and take care of everything related to employing a nanny. Highly recommend.

View on Google

Mel Mugridge5 stars on Google Reviews

We had such a great experience with HeartPayroll they were so informative, very quick to reply/help out if you need assistance. Very easy to work with and would recommend them to anyone looking for payroll services.

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Derrick Newman5 stars on Google Reviews

Using Heartpayroll to help with paying our nanny has been incredible. They take care of absolutely everything and put your mind at ease. No need to waste your time on the CRA website as they do it all for you and for a very nominal fee. I would highly recommend Heartpayroll to anyone in the same position.

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David Tetzlaff5 stars on Google Reviews

Heart payroll made the whole hiring and paying and termination with an employee so easy and stress free! They were incredibly professional, knowledgeable, prompt and friendly. I felt confident they were handing the taxes appropriately and it took the stress off of my shoulders. Highly recommend!

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Crystal Luxmore5 stars on Google Reviews

A very professional, flexible service that helped me pay my nanny and meet all Government and labour rules without knowing anything about them myself, highly recommend

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Julia Campbell5 stars on Google Reviews

Great service to work with! They've helped us with navigating Quebec's payroll systems and making sure we do things legally throughout. They've also always been responsive when I've reached out with needs or questions.

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Caroline Eberdt5 stars on Google Reviews

We were very happy with this payroll service. They were very responsive and always on the ball whenever we changed hours (or when my nanny had to change bank accounts) - and so nice to have all of the T4 and ROE taken care of as well. We are all finished with our nanny now but would definitely recommend Heart Payroll!

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Jackie Ficzere5 stars on Google Reviews

Could not have asked for a better service to support me and my nanny while she was employed. Everything from start to finish has been handled by friendly, supportive staff and in a timely manner. I highly recommend using this service!

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HeartPayroll has 5 stars on Google Reviews

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